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Fiddle-icious is comprised of a diverse group of enthusiastic fiddlers and other musicians of all ages and all walks of life.  The group’s music features tunes passed on from their Scottish, Irish, Quebecois, and Acadian ancestors.  The primary goal of Fiddle-icious is to keep the tradition alive by sharing Maine’s musical heritage with the community.  Information about this group can be found on their website:

Fiddle-icious evolved out of a monthly fiddle workshop led by Don Roy, a phenomenal fiddler who is hailed as a “living cultural treasure” in Maine.  Both Don and his wife Cindy grew up in French Canadian families where music was an integral part of their lives.  They are steeped in the traditions that have been passed down from one generation to the next.  Their desire to share and foster community through music is a testimony to their commitment to keeping the heritage alive.

All are welcome to join Fiddle-icious – it does not matter what instrument you play, or how well you play.  We have a great team of volunteers within the group who help make playing with Fiddle-icious an exciting and fun experience.  All of them work hard, and while they may make mistakes, they play some incredible music.

Fiddle tunes only live as long as they are played.  Both the tunes and the people who make up Fiddle-icious create an atmosphere of infectious energy and joy.  Get your feet tapping . . . you are bound to smile when you hear the music created by Fiddle-icious!